PROJECT TIKVAH: Help for Orthodox women

Center for Safety & Change offers multi-lingual, multi-cultural programs and services to the many diverse populations of Rockland County, including “PROJECT TIKVAH,” a program for Orthodox Jewish women.

Since it began in 1994, PROJECT TIKVAH has been serving the needs of clients in the Orthodox Community in a myriad of ways.  Center advocate and Coordinator of Services to the Orthodox Community Lynn Goldblatt conducts confidential support and groups every week for women in the community. Childcare is available during support groups, which enables participants to listen to and support one another.

Through Center for Safety & Change’s residential shelter, PROJECT TIKVAH offers kosher cooking facilities, as well as weekly food packages and clothing as needed.  Ms. Goldblatt can also find confidential shabbos and yomtov accommodations for clients and children from within the community, in addition to Rabbi consultations.  Because of the work of PROJECT TIKVAH, the community has responded with greater trust and referrals for women and children who are living in an emotional, verbal, or physically abusive environment.

For more information about PROJECT TIKVAH support group meetings, call 845-634-3021.

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