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You can trust Jennifer with your beauty
You can trust Jennifer with your beauty

Let’s face it, most men care about how they look. He doesn’t talk about it nearly as much as a woman would, but trust me, he investigates product and tries to find what works best, based on his needs. With this knowledge, I enlisted a close man in my life to provide some insight on the best shaving products in the mass market. And why would I do that? Because I want the men of the world to be able to find great information on Sweet Little Nugget too! We’re all interested in ‘beauty’ products for the same reason – to make ourselves look and feel better J Here is the 411 on ‘beauty for a bargain’ razors & shaving cream –

Bottom line: when it comes to manual shavers, most men don’t care about bells and whistles, like power or vibration or lights etc (power only matters if it’s a beard trimmer or electric shaver). Most men, especially those with more sensitive skin, care only about how well the blade cuts, and how their skin feels afterwards (i.e. no razor burn or stinging).

Schick Hydro (approximately $9 USD) is offered in 3 and 5 blade models. The key component to this one is the moisturizing gel and both models work well on sensitive skin. The 5 blade cuts through a few days of growth a bit easier, while the 3 blade is easier to edge sideburns with. Regardless of which model you choose, the gel makes shaving 5-7 days a week completely doable with no razor burn. A 4 pack of 3 replacement blades is $8 USD, and the same size pack for 5 blades is $12 USD. What’s really wonderful about this razor is that both models are interchangeable on the same handle, so no need to buy a completely new handle, should you want to change up the blade count!

Gillette Fusion Proglide ($10 USD) cuts through equally as well as the Schick Hydro 5 and provides a solid moisturizing effect, however, it does not compare to the comfort strip that the Schick Hydro provides which is a bit more solid to start than gel like. The Proglide is a 5 blade razor but has a single blade on the back for sideburn edging, which is a great feature. A four pack of replacement blades is $17 USD.

B000277P5E_201207273Gillette Mach3 Turbo ($7 USD): The level of moisture is comparable to the Gillette Fusion Proglide, and the hair cutting ability is more similar to the Schick Hydro 3 blade model. This razor is an upgrade to the original Mach3, which was the first major razor to have more than 2 blades. Overall, this works well but it’s not as comfortable for heavy users or for those who have thicker hair. There is also a noticeable difference if you go with the cheaper regular Mach3 blades (not turbo), so it might be worth spending the extra dough to get a cleaner, smoother shave. A 5 pack of Turbo blades is $16 USD, and a 5 pack of regular blades is $14 USD. Like the Schick Hydro, both are interchangeable on the same handle.

906842Shaving Cream, a key component to the perfect shave. It is critical that you have one that works well for you, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin or both. It might be said that they are all interchangeable, but a great recommendation is an oldie but goodie, Barbasol Original ($2 USD) or Aloe works just as well too! A great gift idea is a shaving cream warmer! It makes the shave feel better and makes it more effective, like Sharper Image’s ( – $40 USD). Double check you are able to use your normal shaving cream in it, otherwise, this little gadget will be sitting in the corner collecting dust.

Gels are a great option for men with sensitive skin. They work best if you wet your face first and then get a good lather (make sure the gel has lost the blue hue once it’s time to shave, and it’s all lathered up!). Edge Ultra Sensitive (gray cap) Shaving Gel (approximately $5 USD) is a fantastic choice!

After shaves: Look for anything with alcohol in it to brace the skin and close the pores. Another great ‘oldie but goodie’ is grandpa’s Aqua Velva Cooling After Shave (approximately $10 USD, depending on where you shop). I’m told that you can look to other products for a new or even better smell, but you should not be totally surprised if this fan favorite winds up making another appearance in your bathroom vanity, as it is a true classic!

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