Leon says Clinton endorsed the wrong man

Vladimir Leon’s campaign reacts to President’s Clinton endorsement of Fried in Rockland County’s executive race:

Vladimir Leon, a longtime Spring Valley foe of David Fried
Vladimir Leon, a longtime Spring Valley foe of David Fried

Mr. Leon’s Statement, “President Clinton is a well known and respected politician but has unfortunately endorsed the least qualified candidate in the race for Rockland County executive. The race is not about President Clinton, it is about David Fried, an opportunistic candidate with no core principles who gravitates from one position to another with nothing to show for it. In a seven year span in office as legislator and justice of the peace, we cannot name one single accomplishment that proves he is qualified to lead.

“Contrary to my qualifications, David Fried has no training at all in economics, no training in finance, and no training in management. Fried has no understanding and foresight as to how to deal with the current budget crisis, among other issues affecting our county. Contrary to myself, Fried has no real plan for accountability, no plan for transparency and no plan for efficiency.”

As far as Haiti, a country which Clinton bombed and employed an economy-destroying embargo against, Mr. Leon said he believes that “President Clinton may have some love for this country but I also believe that just as he has mistaken Mr. Fried’s credentials to lead, President Clinton’s economic approach in that country has proven to be counterproductive.”

Clinton’s actions were taken against an authoritarian regime which had overthrown a democratically elected government. People suffered terribly due to the embargo, nonetheless.



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