Letter to the Editor: LOSING OUR AMERICA

American-Flag-Wall-ArtTo the Editor,

We have a president right now that is out to destroy what once was the greatest country in the world and we have a Congress that is out of control and has no need to stand with the people because they are garnering an enormous amount of power and money. The citizens of this once great republic are now their “drones.” On either side of the fence, except for a few patriots, they have lost their way and because of the power that has been bestowed upon them, they feel no pain. They have a job for life, they have no reason to come to the aid of their constituents, because no matter what, they will always have a job. They have no real sense of Economics 101, they have no sense of business, they have no sense of right or wrong and they are a bunch of people that are answerable to no one.

They have a job for life and consequently they have no reason to work for us; actually at this point we are working for them.

The invasion of a healthcare bill that will devastate this country financially has no bearing on them. The invasion of taxes that a crippling this country has no effect on them, since their perks override any taxation. This Congress has more vacation time than any of their hardworking constituencies. Washington DC has the lowest rate of unemployment and the highest per capita income because they keep growing the government at the cost of their constituents, who feel the pain in their pocketbooks and still they do not hear our voices.

We have too many complacent citizens, who one day will wake up and realize that all our rights that we once took for granted have been taken away from us. We have a government that basically says “let them eat cake.” We are no longer a democracy, even though no one wants to say those words. We are sheeples and we are being led down a road of destruction and who will be the sufferers: us, the American people, who have always strived to be the best. This government has taken away the incentive to work because they have a system that no longer gives its citizens incentives to strive to be better. We have citizens that realize their hard work has been compromised by taxation, by programs that, at first, were for indigent folks and now have spread like a cancer. You have Americans on the take more today than ever before in the history of this country.

You have a president who has a plan to take from the rich and give to the poor to such an extreme that most Americans feel they have been working not for their family, but for people that are proud to be on the take. It is almost impossible to “dream the American dream” as so many folks have achieved the other American dream: welfare, Medicaid, food stamps and other programs that discourage folks from joining the workforce. When will the folks wake up; when will the folks realize that it is not racism to be critical of this president, but rather that we want to take our country back. We are fully aware of what President Obama wants to do and, in his own words, “fundamentally change” what once was the greatest republic in the history of the world. I for one am not fooled by this president’s agenda and so many people feel the same way, but fear does not allow for them to be straightforward. It is time to stand up for the greatest country in the world!!!!!!

Sheila Charmak

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