Letter to the Editor: SUFFERIN’ IN SUFFERN

To the Editor,

For sometime I have urged the Village Board of Suffern to repaint the faded double lines on our main streets such as Doxbury Lane, Parkside Drive, Yorkshire Drive and Bon Aire Circle. Most of this work was done with one exception, after re-paving Yorkshire Drive, the needed double line abruptly halted from the Parkside intersection all the way East to Cragmere Court. Many knowledgeable people have surmised that this was done by Mayor Dagan LaCorte as a favor to friends who live on Yorkshire Drive and object to the double lines for one reason or another. In doing some research on this topic, I obtained a copy of a thorough report on Yorkshire Drive, dated Sept. 16, 2009 done by a Frederick P. Clark Associates of Rye, N.Y.

Here are some conclusions from this report based on daytime observations; “This roadway serves as a collector road serving large residential areas and two large multi-family type developments. This roadway is not a local neighborhood roadway. It is our opinion that a double yellow centerline should be installed on this road to improve the over-all safety and operation of this road.”

In my experience this is also a dangerous road at night. It is winding and dimly-lit. There is simply no point of reference for the average driver to know where they are on the road. I presented copies of this five-page report to each trustee and the Mayor on April 1, 2013. The only reply was perplexed looks on their faces. Gentlemen and Ladies- you were elected to protect the safety of the citizens of Suffern. Stop this sham. Vote the funds-give the necessary orders and complete the double yellow line on Yorkshire Drive.


Bil Pamm

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