RICKY SANCHEZ WANTS WATSON OUT: “Holding Public Office is Not like Playing Baseball”

To the Editor,

Many elected officials in Rockland County must think that holding public office is like playing baseball.  In other words, an elected official gets three strikes before they are “out” of public office.  That must never be the case.

Take the case of Haverstraw Village Trustee Thomas Watson.  About one year ago Trustee Watson was investigated for walking away from work that he promised in his contracting business and was paid to do.  Only under the threat of an investigation did Trustee Watson do the work promised he would do……after being paid to do that work. That was “Strike One”!

In news today, the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office charged Trustee Watson with a Class “D” Felony for doing the same thing again.  Trustee Watson was paid $14,000 to do work and he took the money, yet never did the work.  That was “Strike Two” against Trustee Watson!!

Trustee Watson must think holding elected office is like playing baseball.

When playing baseball, it is three strikes and you are “out.”  Is this the standard that voters are applying to those holding public office in Rockland County?  I hope not and I have served the public for a long time as an elected official and even as an ordinary citizen trying to bring honesty and integrity into local government. That has clearly not made me the “friend” of local, but powerful, politicians in this area who never want me to win an election. Still, such politicians must be told that holding public office should be an honor where only honorable people are allowed to serve the people.

So, if there is just “Strike One” against an elected official, that official needs to resign.  If there is also a “Strike Two” against an elected official, that official needs to resign and apologize to the voters for not being honorable.  Let Trustee Watson know that the voters need not wait for “Strike Three” against him..  Trustee Watson must do the honorable thing and resign as a Trustee in Haverstraw and apologize to the voters now.


Ricky Sanchez

Former deputy mayor & trustee

Village of Haverstraw


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