MAN AT WORK: Chris Smith tends bar for a good cause


A candidate for receiver of taxes in Orangetown, Chris Smith, guest bartended on Thursday, May 2 at Johnny’s Smokehouse in Pearl River to raise money for George Bergerman Memorial Youth Fund.

Chris Smith (right) serves bar for a good cause
Chris Smith (right) serves bar for a good cause

An estimated 25 to 30 people came in support of the fund which was set up last year by high school students in response to budget cuts affecting substance abuse programs and the youth police academy. “Part of the reason I’m running for office is because I saw the budget cuts and what was going on,” Smith said. “Budgets were cut by $50,000 which makes these programs almost non-existant until high school students stepped up. I’m in Rotary with the widow of George Bergerman and she asked me if I would be willing to get involved.”

A bartender for three years in New York City to help pay his way through New York University, Smith successfully raised about $300. His most memorable moment was “seeing all the people who came out and supported…friends, Rotarians and people from Orangetown who came out to donate money.”

Smith is running for receiver of taxes to eventually eliminate the position which will save Orangetown hundreds and thousands per year, he said. Guest bartending wasn’t a part of his campaign though, it was for the kids and to help raise money for these important programs that were affected by budget cuts.

If anyone is interested in supporting the Youth Fund, on Thursday, May 19 there is a fundraiser at the Rockland County Boulder’s game. At $15 a ticket to the game you also get a hotdog and a drink and for each ticket sold, $10 goes to the George Bergerman Memorial Youth Fund.

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