Celebrating in Style: 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Eastern Star, Stony Point #540

The heritage of Stony Point and North Rockland was well represented at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Order of the Eastern Star, Stony Point chapter #540. Members of families such as the McGeorge, Odell, Schaper and Conklins were on hand to mark the occasion. Corinne McGeorge of Haverstraw was one special guest, as her grandmother was a founding mother of the group.

Heritage and traditions as well as friendships and relationships are preserved by the Order, an interesting male-female (but predominately female) institution which is associated with the Free Masons. The Free Masons are a fraternal organization and all-male.

Claire Odell Schaper had the pleasure of being matron of honor for the 100th anniversary celebration and appeared to relish in the festivities. Several songs in praise of God and in praise of the bonds of friendship forged through the Order were sung, as participants sat in an intricately ordered room.

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