New Zoning Law Adopted in Clarkstown


On Tuesday at the Clarkstown Town Board there was a public hearing about proposed local law entitled: “A local law amending chapter 290 (zoning) of the local laws of the Town of Clarkstown with respect to New City Hamlet zoning and the town zoning map.”

Town Attorney Amy Mele explained that she’s been working on this project since 2004 and that it has been discussed in many different forums throughout the years passed. The law will divide New City into four property zones. They are hoping to increase foot traffic and night life in the area amongst other things. The Town Planning Board has addressed the laws issues and agreed to the proposed law.

Steven Levine of Congers asked about objections from the County Planning Board and about the moving of utility wires underground. Joe Simoes of the Planning Board explained that there were certain wordings that needed to be clarified but that there were no other outstanding issues. As for utility wires, no new poles will be allowed to be constructed so any new utilities necessary will need to find another way to be ran, with underground as an option.

Another citizen was concerned that new banks and pharmacies won’t be allowed to have a drive-thru. It was explained that in order to encourage more foot traffic this is necessary. Another citizen was concerned with children living in the new apartments overtop storefronts on Main Street and how the buses would be handled.

The law was adopted at the end of the public hearing.

At the end of the board meeting during the public comments, members of the Clarkstown Residents Oposing Patronage introduced themselves and explained their backgrounds. These men are the directors of the group that served the board at the last board meeting requesting an audit of the Town Attorney’s Office. All the men have backgrounds rich in education, religion and family lives.

They explained how they feel that they are doing what is best for their fellow citizens in order to make the government more transparent. They still urge the board to comply with their request rather than waste taxpayers money to pursue the case. “I’m not asking for you to vote a particular way. You have to look at the impression you are creating. You have the power to change things,” Ralph Sabatini said.

Town Attorney Amy Mele said that they could not speak about this as the situation currently must be discussed attorney to attorney.

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