Governor Cuomo, it’s Time to Repeal the Scaffold Law

To the Editor,

For over 20 years, politicians have been talking about rebuilding the Tappan Zee Bridge. In just two years, Governor Cuomo has done more than talk–he created a real plan for updating this important piece of New York’s infrastructure.

For over 30 years, politicians have been talking about repealing the so-called “Scaffold Law;” an outdated statute from the 1800s that holds contractors and property owners absolutely liable for elevation-related injuries, even if they were not fully responsible. The Scaffold Law drivers up the cost of insurance for public and private construction projects, including projects like the Tappan Zee Bridge.

New York is the only place to have this law and for decades politicians have talked about repealing it. So far, non has been able to overcome the powerful trial lawyer lobby and actually get this law repealed.

Governor Cuomo has shown an ability to get things done where other politicans have failed. If he wants to make New York “Open for Business,” and rebuild our infrastructure, he should look to repeal the Scaffold Law.


Carl V. Wortendyke

President of Cal Mart Enterprises, Congers, NY

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