Governor Cuomo, it’s Time to Repeal the Scaffold Law

To the Editor, For over 20 years, politicians have been talking about rebuilding the Tappan Zee Bridge. In just two years, Governor Cuomo has done more than talk–he created a real plan for updating this important piece of New York’s infrastructure. For over 30 years, politicians have been talking about repealing the so-called “Scaffold Law;” […]

Senator Gallivan Sponsors Legislation to Reform the “Scaffold Law”

Business community, lawmakers revive movement to repeal one of nation’s most regressive laws “New York State is routinely hailed as one of the most adverse environments in the nation for creating jobs, retaining jobs, or attracting jobs. To change that, New York needs to examine its own regulations and red tape that deter private sector […]


Op-ed: The Tappan Zee Bridge and the Scaffold Law Thomas B. Stebbins Executive Director Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York It’s going to cost at least $5 billion to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge. That’s a fact. But what’s also a fact is that it could cost about $3.8 billion if the New York State […]