How SEAL TEAM 6 Was Killed: US Proxy War with Iran and Russia in Afghanistan

(Originally published September 1, 2011)
The American people will never want to believe that 30 American soldiers were needlessly shot down in Afghanistan while onboard a Chinook transport helicopter on a rescue mission.
They would resist the idea that their deaths were in vain or a result of treachery or betrayal. We would never accept any suggestion that their deaths were anything less than noble, heroic and the explanation the Obama Administration gave us as reported by the Mainstream Media was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Any suggestion contrary to that would be dismissed as another conspiracy theory invented by malefactors, paranoiacs or anti-Obama politicos. But, what if?
If I was your US Congressman and you asked me to look into this, I would do so from the perspective of a highly sensitive component of military operations called “Force Protection.” The media reports do not add up. The reasons may be classified or politically motivated or more than meets the eye.
A Congressional inquiry would have subpoena power over the reports, witness statements, interviews and intelligence reports. Experts in Force Protection and weaponry would be consulted and provide testimony.
The Obama administration’s story line goes that SEAL TEAM 6 — reportedly composed of some of the very same members that allegedly killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan back in May 2011 — all died when their Chinook was shot down by a single rocket propelled grenade or (RPG).
The RPG reportedly hit it in the chest and incinerated all the occupants. The alleged Taliban shooter was identified and killed by the Afghan government. It is reported they even knew his name and where to find him. The news reported heart wrenching personal stories of the fallen soldiers but no one asked for a clear explanation of what went so terribly wrong, until right now.
A history refresher is pertinent, In the 1980s, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan to install a Soviet friendly regime. They became an occupying force. The resistance came to be known as the “Mujahadeen,” which means “Holy Warriors.”
Led by an extremely effective field general named Shah Massoud, they were armed by US Intelligence with shoulder fired “Stinger” missiles that took down Soviet helicopters. Ultimately the Soviets unceremoniously pulled out. I was a bodyguard to wounded “Mujahadeen” who were brought to undisclosed locations for debriefings.
I came to understand them very well. After the Soviet withdrawal, Afghanistan imploded.
This was our chance to rebuild the country and invest in a generation of pro-Americans that would never have permitted an Al-Qaeda to wage war on the US from their soil. Instead Massoud was abandoned, supplies and support cut off, and left to fight the Taliban, who were now supplied with heavy cash from a wealthy Saudi playboy who wanted to buy his way into becoming a “Mujahadeen.”
His name was Osama Bin Laden. The US Congress cut off all aid and supplies to Massoud and his “Taliban” [student] resistance fighters called the “Northern Alliance.” It was they who were trying to keep the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan from the day the Soviets pulled out.
On Sept. 10, 2001, Massoud was assassinated by Al-Qaida, just hours before the infamous attacks on the USA. It was pre-emptive to deny him to us as the one leader who could unite the tribes and destroy Al-Qaeda. As an ally, Hamid Karzai is to Massoud what Jimmy Carter is to General Eisenhower.
Technically speaking, to bring down a Chinook as reported, would have taken a very lucky shot at very close range and had to have hit the hydraulics. For that to happen, the shooter would likely be at a fixed location, at the precise effective range, and hit the precise sweet spot, to even, maybe, inflict any damage with an RPG.
It is implausible. Here is why: “Force Protection” would be deployed to safeguard the landing zone and reconnoiter the Area of Operation. They can see in the dark and read thermal heat of a human being. Once spotted, the threat would be neutralized instantly. What is plausible is a heat seeking, shoulder fired, Russian made SA-7.
This would suggest the Russians through the Iranians are arming the Taliban, the way the US supplied the Mujahadeen, and are returning us the favor we did to them in the 1980s. This inquiry and intelligence analysis would suggest that the war in Afghanistan is now a proxy war between the US and Iran supplied by the Russians. World Wars can begin just like this.
Anthony Mele was the 2010 GOP candidate for Congressional District 17 and a former intelligence staff NCO for high level national security officials 

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