New Exit Sign Unveiled in Stony Point

New Exit Sign Unveiled in Stony Point


IMG_1092On Saturday, May 11, over 20 people were in attendance as town officials and volunteers unveiled the new “Welcome to Stony Point” sign off of exit 14. Many people were involved with the making of the new sign, and the beautiful landscape surrounding it. It was a team effort said Councilwoman Luanne Konopko.

Those present at the ceremony agreed that Joan Bender started the project several years ago when a beautification committee first was started.

Stony Point Supervisor Geoff Finn presented three certificates to the major contributors at the unveiling. The first, went to Scott Johnson of Northeastern Landscape, who set-up the area surrounding Stony Point’s new sign with attractive landscaping. Bruce Smith, of Environmental Construction Inc., and his wife Sue, were also recipients of a certificate for their contribution of $3,000 which made the production of the sign possible.IMG_1084 (2)

The last honoree was veteran Joe Humphrey of the VFW who was the designer of the new welcome sign. Humphrey is a local talent, whose drawings hang in the supervisor’s office as well as on another sign on 9W. The individuals who received certificates were invited to the town board meeting on June 11 at 7 p.m. where they were presented with plaques.

“This is the first of many signs,” said Konopko. Cars getting off of exit 14 can now be welcomed into Stony Point with an inviting sign and an elegant landscape, and residents can look forward to similar beautification projects enhancing the town.

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