UntitledOut with the old light bulbs! Here come the LEDs. Shell Gas Station and Convenience store on 53 Route 59 Nyack shines bright with new state of the art canopy LED Lighting.

The Nyack Shell Gas Station will realize huge energy savings while keeping maintenance and operating costs down. NY Fuel Distributors, Site Franchisors stepped in and provided an additional contribution along with local utility incentives for their gas stations owners contributing half the cost of what their owners owed.

“At NY Fuel Distributors LLC, we pride ourselves on ensuring we make collaborative business decisions that will allow us to save money, energy and the environment. In thinking of ways how we can achieve this, we are determined to make more green decisions,” explained Danny Porco, construction manager. “First, by asking our dealers to upgrade their indoor and outdoor lighting with bulbs that have a longer lifespan and use less energy, thus trimming their operating costs. Our dealers save an estimate of $12,180 a year and reduce the amount of energy consumed. As a company, we contributed half the cost of what our dealers needed to make the upgrade improving our business relationships across the board.”

The Nyack Shell station project consisted of replacing the interior energy draining 40Watt T-12 Bulbs and Magnetic Ballast with 32W T-8 Florescent and a Electronic Ballast. The combination of both T8 and Electronic ballast helped save tremendous amount of energy for store the owner. The lights are brighter and have a longer life span than the original bulbs.

On the exterior canopy, installed were the Canopy LEDs. The standard 400W Metal Halide can now be replaced with a brilliant 155watt LED for a Wattage reduction of 245Watts. Lifespan on these LEDs are projected to last 50,000 Burn hours which equates to over 10 years.

A bulb that can last over 10 years? With a payback of less than one year; that is amazing.


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