Suffern Company Connected to Illicit Jet Engine-Parts Scheme

1618Jet engine parts, get your (illicit) jet engine parts, here.

In a scary case that reminds one of the Arthur Miller play “All My Sons,” Gideon Vaisman, 73, was arrested Monday on federal charges of wire fraud conspiracy for allegedly conspiring to sell airplane parts that had been previously scrapped and lying about it.

The Edgewater, New Jersey man, owner of Tara Technology Corp. in Ridgefield, and others are accused of using Suffern-based Shelby Enterprises to buy airplane engine parts which previously were deemed to not meet standards, and then resell them on the open market. Allegedly Vaisman and his fellow assailants sanded and cleaned the rejected parts and then created a false paper trail making the parts appear viable.

Tara Technology’s general manager, Carmine Coviello, who has already pleaded guilty to wire fraud, was the owner of Shelby Enterprises. The fraud has allegedly been occurring since 2005. It has not been reported yet whether the illicit parts have caused any malfunctions or crashes.

The 1947 play “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller, dramatized a true story, of how “In 1941-43 the Wright Aeronautical Corporation based in Ohio had conspired with army inspection officers to approve defective aircraft engines destined for military use.” The play was later adapted into a famous Hollywood movie starring Burt Lancaster.

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