St. Lawrence’s Electoral Foe, Scott Goldman, Makes a Statement to Ramapo

Good morning Ramapo,


Wednesday afternoon proved to be a very interesting one in Ramapo. Our town hall was seized by the FBI and the Rockland County DA’s office. This seems to be something that a lot of people have been waiting for and still feel was long overdue.

At this point in time, you may start seeing and hearing from a lot of different people, organizations, and groups coming out trying to take advantage of this situation and use it to try to somehow exploit some benefit for themselves. Well, I can assure everyone, not only from our town but everywhere, that what happened yesterday is not a complete deterrent by any means against corrupt politicians. As surely as those who are tainted in the public’s view step aside, anyone who joins the race at this late moment must surely have been motivated by the temptation of low-hanging fruit; seeking a salary and power with little regard for our town.

Regardless of who joins the race, this seizure is proof of what I have been saying all along; now is the time for a change. It is time to bring in a new governing body into Ramapo that will never allow even the appearance of impropriety within our town hall. I publicly announced approximately eight months ago, that I am running for and will become the next supervisor of Ramapo. This campaign is a plan that I have been working on for over two years in order to bring about the changes needed for our town.

New leadership will make it so we will not have to hang our heads in shame because the name Ramapo will be cleansed of all the negative connotations associated with it.  We need a supervisor who can prove himself by practicing leadership that is, and always be, looking out for the best interests of our town and our townspeople.

It is time that the barriers which divide us into severed and fragmented communities be torn down so we can come back together as a single community; one working and striving to make build a town which everyone can be proud of, a town which will flourish with success and not flounder in debt. We do not need radical groups trying to overthrow our town, groups that seem to claim that the only solution is to stop progress and revert back into the stone age or push progress without recognizing it must be carefully nurtured.

We can not allow either extreme, we need to progress with the times and adjust the needs of our maturing town. We must realize that progress can not be stopped or moved backwards because without progress we will end up in complete failure. Our community must grow as must our infrastructure, its imperative for our survival. We can not be bullied or directed by chaos, we must use our heads and wisdom to get our town out from the heavy burdens which render its future questionable. We need to have a government led by a supervisor who listens to the residents of the town and makes decision based on what is in the best interests of the town and all of its communities.

To this point, I have been very well received by the the majority of voters in the town and have been criticized by a few. While there should always be room for political discourse, I find that those who are criticizing me say I should be bashing our town’s supervisor and those he calls his “cronies.” Although this is politics, bashing does not work as these are the people which the public elected to run our town and the worst qualities of people tend to find their own way into the light.

Now, especially after May 15, the Ides of May, I believe the people see that our town’s government has been looking out for only for themselves and a select few. Investigation will bring out the truth, but in the mean time we must continue working toward our goal of bringing Ramapo into a new Golden Era.

The promise I am making to the people of Ramapo is that this will never happen on my watch. We, as a town, will not:  discriminate, take revenge, take advantage, threaten residents or politicians with reprisals, or take unfair advantage of our positions. As the only person wanting to be the supervisor of our town in its darkest hour, I can assure you we will work together as one to move our town out of the dark cloud which has befallen us through corruption, greed and mismanagement.

We will emerge as a town of greatness and a town of prosperity. We will once again be a beacon for those seeking a home in an enriching and diverse community that moves forward with progress without forgetting its roots. I am the man that can deliver this town back to the status it deserves. Now is the time to build anew, and it all begins with supporting me, Scott Goldman in 2013.

Scott Goldman,
Candidate for supervisor of the Town of Ramapo

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