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You can trust Jennifer with your beauty
You can trust Jennifer with your beauty

FINALLY – the post I couldn’t wait to write about is here! As you all read in my recent blog entry the makeup show nyc, I had the PLEASURE of attending The MakeUp Show in NYC a couple weeks ago. I discussed Dick Page, Artistic Director of Shiseido, as well as, some new products I discovered when roaming ’round the venue. I had been awaiting the arrival of my highly anticipated MAKE products + samples at the time, and they finally showed up at my front door! AND boy do I have some AMAZING products to share with you, sweet little nuggets!

First impressions are EVERYTHING to most people, especially me. Upon walking up to the MAKE station, my colleague and I were greeted by one of the brand’s founders. He wore a HUGE smile and offered assistance and product information instantaneously. You could feel his energy and love for the brand pour out of his pores! That type of positivity cannot be faked. I was immediately intrigued by his warm welcome, high-energy, and positive attitude – I wanted to know more! Aside from obviously being a makeup brand, he went on to summarize MAKE’s mission – ”the first social enterprise in the beauty industry dedicated to the advancement of the cooperative movement…Our hope is to become a platform and community for brands and people interested in social and economic change”. And the BEST part about this brand is that 33.3% of all sales on MAKE Beauty is donated to the We See Beauty Foundation that establishes and supports next generation cooperatives–women-led, community-owned brands. WOW, how empowering! I was blown away and that much more enthusiastic about purchasing & testing their products.

MAKE_Silk_Satin_Lipstick_MiamiBeachThe MakeUp Show in NYC was the week prior to Mother’s Day, so naturally, I was keeping an eye out for something mama would enjoy. I came across this eye-catching coral colored lipstick and HAD TO buy. A little birdie was whispering in my ear that she had been in search of such a color, so it was a match made in heaven! The MAKE Silk Satin Lipstick in “Miami Beach” ($18 USD and available in 11 additional magnificent shades) is pure luxury for the lip. From the sophisticated lipstick tip to the all black, square packaging with subtle white logo, this lip color is definitely one you want to try! It has a satin finish, with just a touch of creamy texture. It’s color is long lasting and vibrant and best of all, it doesn’t bleed or make a mess. So mom saw how much I wanted to try this product and since she adores this little nugget, she wouldn’t let me give it to her as part of her gift. She told me to keep it, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

MAKE_Gel_Eyeliner_Pencil_CoolAquaI was feeling a little cheeky when shopping at the MAKE counter and decided to buy a ‘funky’ eye liner to add a POP to my look. I opted for the MAKE Gel Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Cool Aqua’ ($14 USD and available in 4 alternative shades). I threw this product on prior to work last week and received several compliments. I layered this over black eyeliner to give my normal makeup application a real kick! It wasn’t too loud, but loud enough that it was noticeable, which is what you want when something is new on you. I love the texture of this liner – it glides on smoothly, and doesn’t leave a line of excess product above your lid (you know what I’m talking about ladies & gents!).

MAKE_Skin_Illuminator_LlosSo, I’ve saved my absolute favorite for last! The product I’m completely obsessed with from this brand is the Skin Illuminator in ‘LLOS’ ($28.50 USD and available in 3 other shades). Aside from supporting the cool initiatives MAKE stands for, this product was the second reason I fell in love with the brand. I tested all shades and each one is simply gorgeous. It adds a pearlescent, subtle glimmer, giving you that extra added sparkle that others will notice, but can’t quite put their finger on. Your makeup will look incredible, and trust me, people will be asking ‘what did you do differently?”. After applying my foundation and blush, I throw this on for added sheen and shimmer. It goes on wet, but dries quickly and you don’t need a lot of product to achieve the glimmer effect you’re looking for. I’m also a big fan of the larger brush and the click feature which releases product through the brush (much like under eye concealers / correctors).

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