“Class” At Penguin Repertory, Stony Point Touches on Life Issues


The classic story of the young Hollywood megastar who wants to be taken seriously (remember Marylyn Monroe) and takes acting lessons at an acting Studio in New York City is presented in this season’s opening production by Penguin Rep and its director Joe Brancato. It has a twist that makes it an intriguing and sweet work of theatre.

Penguin Rep has the reputation of presenting productions that are gutsy and this one is no exception. It features some very fine acting by Richard Kline of TV’s “Three’s Company” and the Penguin debut of beautiful and voluptuous Adria Vitlar. Adria plays Sarah who comes to sharp tongued Elliot (Kline), the acting coach, who immediately reacts to Sarah’s Hollywood image and at first rejects her as a client but ultimately gives in.

What follows is intriguing dialogue by playwright Charles Evered and stellar performances by the cast of two. When Sarah tells Elliot some shocking personal information, it casts a whole new situation on the at first mundane one of Hollywood star and the veteran actor/teacher no-nonsense guy, and of two people thrown together with a serious life issue coming into the picture.

Kline, the consummate actor and Adria, graduate of the Yale School of Drama, make a wonderful pair on stage with lots of humor in their byplay. There is some very tender and dramatic moments in the course of the play.

“Class” has class and I recommend it as a brilliant opening of the 2013 season for Penguin. I rate “Class” at Penguin Rep Three Out of Four Stars!!!

“Class” is being presented weekends through June 9 and does not have an intermission. Tickets at 845-786-2873 or penguinrep.org.

Coming up at Penguin June 28 through July 21 “How The World Began,” August 9 through September 1 “Drop Dead Perfect” and September 27 through October 20 “The Farm”

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