Some Claim Gag Order Placed on “NY SAFE” Criticism

The new “SAFE” gun law passed by New York in January has been the subject of considerable criticism by law enforcement and this week sheriffs in New York have reportedly have been told by Governor Cuomo to stop speaking out against this law.

This instruction to keep quiet was reported to be given at a meeting held at the capitol, where sheriffs thought they were going to be discussing changes that could be made to the law in question. The law expanded the definition of prohibited assault weapons – which is the part that has most irked sheriffs – as well as raised the penalties for illegal possession of firearms, required mental health checks, and limited the public’s access to records of those who have gun permits.

New bans on magazines and cartridges were also put in place. The meeting took place last month, at which time the sheriffs present were reportedly told they would be removed from office if they continued to speak out. Others, however, state that Cuomo never made those threats and that the meeting was a cordial one.

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