Mayor Dagan Lacorte, Democratic Party candidate for Rockland County Executive, said the Rockland County Legislature must block outgoing County Executive Scott Vanderhoef from installing his political consultant Sean Mathews as the county’s real property director at a salary $23,900 higher than the previous occupant and for years into the next County Executive’s term.”

“Scott Vanderhoef’s partisan power grab is as outrageous as it is offensive,” Lacorte said ,”It’s no wonder Rockland is broke when the politically connected get cushy, long term jobs and the nurses at our county hospital face layoffs.”

“The Rockland Legislature must block this appointment. Scott Vanderhoef is attempting to feather the nests of his friends by hiding his cronies in county government in jobs that last past his own term of office,” Lacorte said, “Rockland taxpayers have paid the price for Vanderhoef’s political fancies for years. Enough is enough.”

Lacorte said the Legislature should vote immediately on a resolution condemning the “blatantly political” appointment and reducing the salary that will be paid to Vanderhoef’s current chief of staff, Sean Mathews, to the salary paid the previous real property director.

“County employees have been asked to sacrifice because of the fiscal failures of Rockland’s government,” Lacorte said, “It’s time for the Vanderhoef administration to sacrifice too.”

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