To the Editor,

On April 1 the Suffern Village Board unanimously adopted our budget for the 2013-2014 budget year beginning June 1. I brought up the fact that there was no provision in the capital budget for the proposed emergency crossing of the railroad at Orange Avenue connecting Orange with the West Ward community at Dunnery Court. This project is of growing importance with the increasing frequency of major storms and the flooding of both underpasses that lead to the West Ward neighborhood. Through the work of Police Chief Osborn and former Fire Chief Dan McInerney, the village has been able to obtain the necessary permits from NJ Transit to accomplish this project.

I proposed adding this to the capital budget to insure that the project went forward. Mayor La Corte agreed with the importance of the project but was hopeful that he would be able to obtain state funds and thus opposed making an amendment to the capital budget. Failing to obtain an amendment I proposed a resolution that it was the goal of the Village Board to complete the project with or without funds from the State of New York. I am pleased to report that this resolution was unanimously adopted.

John F. Meehan
Suffern Village Trustee

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