Jennifer’s sweet lil beauty blog: Porcelain skin – part deux

You can trust Jennifer with your beauty
You can trust Jennifer with your beauty


My obsession and beauty product best friend is Christian Dior Airflash Spray Foundation – all those who read Sweet Little Nugget and also know me personally are aware of my deep love for this product (read my porcelain skin – part one post here). I tell anyone and everyone who is willing to listen because I think it is just that fabulous! When you’re asked on a consistent basis what foundation you wear by multiple people, it’s safe to say you are holding onto a best kept secret that many want to be let in on. I’m here to reiterate not only my passion for this product, but to let you know that Dior came out with 3 brand new shades – YES, please! These amazing shades are Ivory (100), Linen (201), and Rosy Beige (302) and each sell for $62 USD (+ tax of course) and can be found at Sephora / any department store with a Christian Dior counter.image (2)

To my surprise, I was delighted to find that one of the new colors (Ivory shade 100) matched my skin tone even better than the shade 200 I was previously wearing! Both Ivory (100) and Rosy Beige (302) shades are best suited for those who have a slight pink undertone within their skin. Linen (201) works best for those that possess hints of yellow undertones. There is no better feeling than finding a foundation that works well with your complexion. My sweet little beauty tip to finding your perfect foundation color match: Test it on the skin near your jawline, under natural light. It’s the best way to color match your natural skin tone to the foundation shade. It’s SO important to get it as close as possible so that it doesn’t look too different from your face / neck color. It is a bit time consuming finding the right one, but once it’s a perfect color match, it’s really worth the effort!. The most effective & best way to apply a spray foundation is to shake the bottle thoroughly and spray onto a foundation brush first. Be sure to spray into your sink or over a towel, as the spray is colored and will show up on whatever the excess lands on. Apply brush to face, and do it quickly since the foundation dries almost immediately and you want to spread evenly before this happens. I usually spray three separate times – once for forehead, one for left side cheek/chin, one for right side

image (3)If you’ve been a user and fan of Christian Dior Airflash Spray Foundation, you will notice 2 things: 1) new shiny, silver packaging 2) the formulation and texture of the product has changed slightly. I noticed it to be a bit lighter and more fluid-y / liquid-like. This is a good thing! It still provides a comparable amount of coverage, yet doesn’t feel like it suffocates your skin. Once completely dry, the finish appears natural with a flawless, overall even look. Your skin actually takes on the look of a porcelain doll – seriously! Apply your most gorgeous blush color to the apples of your cheeks and you’re good to go for the day and/or evening! You CANNOT go wrong with this foundation. I have turned so many of my friends on to this product and they all seem quite pleased I rave about it constantly and now my friends can’t stop talking about it either! I think it’s time to take a trip to the beauty counter to get that perfect airbrushed complexion I know you’re looking for. And the BEST part is that with the purchase of my Christian Dior Airflash Spray Foundation, I received the cutest little bonus black duffel pouch with a brand new kabuki brush inside!

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