Legislative Press Release

Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt (R,I,C-Greenwood Lake) is calling for the State Legislature to enact a Veterans Employment Act. The measure has bipartisan support in both houses and would encourage state agencies to hire more veterans.

“So many talented and hardworking veterans are coming back from serving our nation overseas to a really difficult economy lacking in meaningful job opportunities. I believe it’s the very least our state can do to try to help veterans back into civilian life by offering them employment,” said Assemblywoman Rabbitt, who is a member of the Assembly’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee and has been a long supporter of our nation’s military.

The legislation, Assembly Bill 7761, would grant preference to otherwise qualified veterans for temporary appointments by state agencies, rather than using temporary employment service companies. In 2012, the state unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans was 10.7 percent – nearly 3 percentage points higher than the state’s unemployment average at the time.

Assemblywoman Rabbitt said, “Because the state is constantly in need of temporary employees – for a variety of purposes from covering maternity leaves or extended sick leave or temporary projects – it is a perfect opportunity to help get our veterans back into the workforce and into civilian life, and may help open some doors for permanent job opportunities. It’s a natural fit to continue the service of our veterans into public service employment.”

Assemblywoman Rabbitt recently unveiled a comprehensive resource guide for veterans and their families to help ease the transition back from active employment. The guide was sent out to veterans and their families; the assemblywoman, however, encourages anyone who is a veteran or knows of a veteran who would find this resource valuable to contact her office for an extra copy or to be added to her mailing list. Additionally, electronic copies can be viewed on her Assembly website or by clicking:http://assembly.state.ny.us/member_files/098/20130524/index.pdf.

The guide includes resources for returning to civilian life, starting or continuing an education, employment, the purchase of a home, veterans-specific tax incentives, long-term care and other health-care initiatives. Additionally, the guide has resources for female veterans as well as other veterans programs like reduced rate hunting or fishing licenses, volunteering opportunities, and state honors and recognitions.

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