TUESDAY: Town of Stony Point to Host Reps for CHPE Again

The Town Board of Stony Point has invited the Champlain Hudson Power Express
to speak at the RHO building on:

Date:       Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time:       7 p.m.


CHPE’s presidential permits have not been issued. Residents still have an
opportunity to make their voices heard.

Champlain Hudson Power Express (“CHPE”) is a 300-mile 1,000 megawatt DC
high voltage transmission line from Canada to New York City. Most of the line will run under the Hudson River but the current design juts through Stony Point mostly along the the CSX railline. The line would carry enough electric to power 1 million homes, in New York City.

On April 18, 2013 the New York State Public Service Commission approved the
CHPE application and, creates a “Transmission Corridor Developer.” The question is how many transmission lines are they planning? Other questions to be addressed at the hearing:

1-    Eminent domain- Is it legal for CSX to offer a ROW and know that they
do not have the property to do so and that at some point the land they have
offered must be taken by?

2-    “Deviation Zone” (aka Eminent Domain) when was this approved and by
who and when did NYS residents decide to give up their property for a
Canadian transmission Line?

3-    Why has there been no Environmental Impact Statement done for the land installation for Rockland County?

4- Will the CHPE line will export our Utility Jobs to Canada?

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