Zebrowski Renews Opposition to Proposed Chicken Slaughterhouse


“An application was recently submitted to the Rockland County Planning Department to construct a poultry processing plant in the Village of New Square. This application is by the same company that previously planned to develop a poultry processing facility in the same location a few years ago. That project was shut down and delayed due to violations cited by the Federal Department of Agriculture.

“I am opposed to this project because of its proximity to surrounding residential neighborhoods. It is not appropriate to site a chicken slaughterhouse in a densely populated suburban community.  This ill-conceived project will negatively impact human health, the environment and will be detrimental to home values. This heavy industrial use will tax our infrastructure including our water, sewer and road systems.

“In 2009, the project received approval for a State grant. At that time I objected to this controversial project receiving taxpayer dollars and my opposition remains. At this point my office has been informed that no additional application to the State has been made, however, access to the grant remains. I once again call on the Empire State Development Corporation to pull the grant as this project is inappropriately sited in Rockland County. State money should not be subsidizing this controversial project.”

One Response to "Zebrowski Renews Opposition to Proposed Chicken Slaughterhouse"

  1. The Bibba   June 18, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Thank God we have people like Senator Zebrowski keeping a watch , when all other elected officials turn a blind eye to these ” men in black ” Continue with pride Ken.

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