Gay Censors Attempt to Cleanse Google of App they Disagree With

“All Out” delivers 150,000 signatures to Google, asks them to remove gay ‘cure’ apps from their store

LGBTQ pro-censorship activists have gathered 150,000 signatures to a petition demanding that Google remove from the free market an app which promotes a philosophy they disagree with.

Stating that “there is no cure for love, because love is not a disease,” gay activists from the organization “All Out” demand of the private corporation Google that they not sell an app aimed at promoting a so-called “gay cure.”

Said LGBTQ pro-censorship activist Joe Mirabella, “Google has a long and impressive track record of advancing equality, but they have yet to remove an app from their store which claims to release people from the ‘bondage of homosexuality.’”

Most organized religions–as well as much of the tradition of pre-1970s Western psychology/psychiatry–consider homosexuality to be a sin that is potentially curable. Mirabella and his cohorts, on the other  hand, believe that “cure” products attached to this view of homosexuality are harmful and should be effectively banned from the mainstream private market.

Mirabella stated further that, in his opinion, “gay cures not only don’t work, they are deadly dangerous – and in some cases even illegal. That’s why nearly 150,000 people signed All Out’s petition urging Google to remove this app from their stores.”

To see the live signature totals from All Out’s petition visit:
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