The Perfect Prom Dress


fashion5Prom Season is defined by gallons of glitter, ties and tuxes, and last but not least – the perfect dress. Two lucky Clarkstown South High School seniors attended prom on June 8th in high style in custom designed and

handmade prom dresses by fellow senior classmate and friend, Anthoni David.

Since 5-years-old, David knew he loved fashion. Gifted a sewing machine at 12-years-old, it wasn’t until he was thirteen that David took thread to fabric and began to sew, seam, and create. Since then, fashion design has been his passion. David has taken multiple design classes, including an IB art program at Clarkstown South Highschool, a class he took with friend and future client of his, Tina Savarese.

Saverese, a graduating senior at Clarkstown South, knew that she wanted something unique and different for her prom dress. It was in November of 2012 that Savarese sought out David, “She wanted a dress, and I wanted to do it.”

Together, Savarese and David collaboratively designed the dress. Savarese told David that she wanted lace and a low back, and David put pen to paper and designed a dress incorporating Savere’s vision. Together, they visited Sew What’s New Fabric Center in Nyack, to pick out the lace and crepe fabric for the dress. Savarese payed for the fabric of the dress, as well as reimbursed David for his labor. The dress cost less than $200 in total.fashion6

A few days before prom, David was also putting the last minute touches on a dress for friend and fellow senior, Victoria Iglesias. Iglesias’ dress was inspired by a dress in the movie, “Factory Girl”. The dress is made from a silk jersey and has a low back.

Both Saverese and Iglesias were excited to wear their dresses to prom. Saverese noted how special her dress was and how others wish they had their dress made, “A lot of girls were like, ‘I wish I did that!’

As for David, he did not wear a creation of his own to prom, but looks forward to the future projects he will tackle as a fashion design major at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where he will be attending school starting in the fall. David is excited to expand his design from dresses to menswear, unisex wear, and beyond, “One day, I hope to design ready-to-wear pieces, and have my own collection.”

From Rockland to the runway, Anthoni David will no doubt have a seam-less and successful transition into the world of fashion.

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