Engelman-Era Officially Over for Stony Point Ambulance Corps


The reign of Marc and Chelle Engelman at the Stony Point Ambulance Corps (SPAC) quietly came to an official end this week, as a new president, vice president and other officers, as well as two new board members, were elected. Two months ago the board announced the suspension of then-president and vice president, Marc and Chelle Engelman, along with two other family members, while an investigation into their conduct as leaders of the organization took place.

Nothing new has been passed along regarding the investigation, but the election of new officers officially ends the tenure of the Engelmans as leaders of the group. The new leaders are Joseph Segelbacher, Sr., president; Linda Perry, vice-president; Kathy Leroy, secretary; and Laura Barbella, treasurer.

Alan Horowitz and Marcella Samuels were elected new board members, while First Lt. Eddie Fox and Jason Solomon were vote in as life members and Sam Richmond, clerk of the works, was voted in as an honorary member.

The full membership of the board is now Joseph Segelbacher, Sr., Linda Perry, Kathy Leroy, Laura Barbella, John Orfini, Geri Thompson, John Amoroso, Cheryl Hubert, Captain Scott Richardson, Alan Horowitz and Marcella Samuels.

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