Hudson Valley Chews Up and Spits Out Newsday

The great New York Newsday experiment for the Hudson Valley has gone down in a ball of flames.

At first sign of troubled corporate waters following a negative report from Moody’s, parent company Cablevision axed the unprofitable Hudson Valley news project. Following the announcement, investors rewarded Cablevision with a modest rally in stock prices.

Since early 2012, Newsday competed with Lohud, Rockland County Times and other media outlets in the lower Hudson Valley, often coordinating coverage with fellow Cablevision company News 12 TV.

The competitive advantage of being aligned with a TV station did not prove enough to attract readers and advertisers, however, as Newsday suffered from a lack of scope of coverage.

Newsday reporters such as Sarah Armaghan will be best remembered for their coverage of the recent corruption scandals in Spring Valley and Town of Ramapo, which saw the company break numerous exclusive stories.

Newsday is so serious about cancelling their Hudson Valley coverage that they even deleted the entire database of archives from their website.

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