Raid at Home of Judge’s Son

A police raid took place at 507 Country Club Lane in Pomona Wednesday, police scanners indicated. The condominium is the home of 34-year-old Joshua Warren, son of Rockland Family Court Justice William P. Warren.

It appears that Joshua will be charged with growing and selling marijuana. The newspaper has not gained further details on the charges he faces and if there were other drugs alleged to be present besides marijuana. (Update-Warren also was arrested for possession and intent to sell five ounces of cocaine)

Joshua’s father also also oversees the Rockland County Drug Court.

One Response to "Raid at Home of Judge’s Son"

  1. mm19731   July 29, 2013 at 1:22 am

    This is comical. The drug court judges son gets busted for dealing. I wonder if the police will look into his customers and see if there is any correlation with those people having appeared before his father. Either he knows his son is a dealer (which most parents tend to realize their children are using drugs although may not want to accept it OR he is clueless OR is he using?

    Makes you wonder what is going on…I heard about the judge prohibiting a mother from seeing her children for over two years now. The ex-husband is manipulative and projected his drug use on her. Now she is being punished for not using drugs, yet allegation of the father and the fact that he comes in to court under the influence all the time. Its not rocket science- but its a shame a judge has it so ass backwards.


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