The Liberal Conservatives Strike Again

Conservative Party does not endorse GOPer Ed Day for county executive, neglects interview process and endorses Democrat Geoff Finn over registered Conservative Party member Dylan Skriloff in Stony Point, and once again endorses super-liberal Stephanie Hausner in Clarkstown


Ed Lettre
Ed Lettre

The Conservative Party has handed out their endorsements for political season 2013 and, as usual, there are some curious choices.

In the biggest county executive race in 20 years, the Conservatives have decided to run their own candidate against Republican Ed Day and the Democratic nominee. It is still possible the Conservatives change their endorsement or that Day wins the line via an opportunity-to-ballot write-in, but, if not, the failure of the moderate conservative Ed Day to earn the line could very well come back to haunt him in November.

In Stony Point there will likely be a rare primary on the Conservative Party line as the Conservatives endorsed Democrat Geoff Finn over the only member of their county party with a chance to win an office in 2013, Rockland County Times editor Dylan Skriloff. While most political parties conduct formal and open interviews, the Conservatives discarded this practice and simply handed the endorsement to Finn, who employs several prominent Conservative Party members in town government.

Skriloff said, “I am concerned that the leadership of any political party would discard a proper interview process. To have political bosses simply give endorsements to their friends or business associates without interviewing others creates an appearance of impropriety.”

Skriloff continued, “Instead of working with the establishment of the Conservative Party, I will take my appeal directly to the rank and file members. I am confident they will support me in the September 10 election and reject the endorsement by party bosses of the liberal Geoff Finn.”

In Clarkstown, the Democratic Party national committeewoman Councilwoman Stephanie Hausner again had her ticket punched by Lettre, who doubles as a Clarkstown town employee, himself.

Lettre and friends gave the Conservative line to County Clerk Paul Piperato, whose office employs recently retired Conservative Party Chair Mary Loeffler’s niece and brother, over Republican Donna Held.

In Ramapo and Haverstraw, mostly Democrats earned Conservative endorsements, while in Stony Point in addition to Finn, Democrat James McDonnell and Republican Tom Basile were endorsed for town council. In Orangetown the GOP slate received the Conservative endorsement with exception of unchallenged Town Clerk Charlotte Madigan (D).

It is rumored that Lettre will endorse Christopher St. Lawrence for supervisor of Ramapo, but this has yet to be confirmed. Lettre had to make a deal with Orthodox and Hasidic rabbis in 2012 to maintain control of the Conservative Party when faced with a challenge by former party chair Nick Longo, and it is likely the rabbis will be asking for a return on their investment this year.

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