Continuations and Explanations from Town Board


At the last Clarkstown Town Board Meeting on June 4th, a public hearing was deemed to continue on July 2nd due to some discrepancies. Steven Levine of Congers questioned “A local law amending chapter 290-3 (definitions) of the town code of the Town of Clarkstown.” He was concerned about some definitions that weren’t clear with the wording of the law. Daniel Kraushaar, deputy town attorney addressed the public on Tuesday explaining that there is now a revised definition of “lot coverage” on the record and more about the green roof requirements.

“We added a provision that requires anyone that falls into the definition, and it only applies to the business district at this time. There is no requirement or limit of the percentage of building on the lot,” said Kraushaar. “It will encourage green development and limit development. By providing a green roof, they will get more generous lot coverage and guarantee to maintain the green roof.”

The public had no further questions or comments and the public hearing was closed and the law was adapted.

The second public hearing was about proposed local law entitled: “A local law amending chapters 5, 93, 173, 198, 220, 224, 240, 243, 249A, 270, 278, 290, A295, A308 and deleting chapters 180, 231, 239, 248, 249 and 263 of the code of the Town of Clarkstown.” Tom Nimick of New City asked about a few of the chapters involved. It was explained that the removal of chapter 180 had to do with a Memorial Day ordinance that required business to stay closed until 1 p.m. This will be removed in order to comply with demand during the Memorial Day parades.

This public hearing will be continued during next month’s board meeting.

A few members of the public had questions about agenda items including Joe Ciardulla of New City who asked about item number 13 which has to do with the bond for town community centers. He asked why the bond is going from a five year term to a fifteen year term. Supervisor Gromack said it is to spread out the lifetime of the bond.

Nimick asked about number eight which authorizes the purchasing agent to advertise for a generator for town hall. He said he thought there already was a provision for generator. Gromack explained that this resolution is only authorizing them to advertise for bids, so they can take the information further and try and get federal funding. They must get bids before they can apply for funding and they will only proceed if they get a grant.

Resolution 12 authorized the Central Nyack Drainage improvements phase II with bid number 29A-2012. Gromack explained that there have been many meetings discussing this resolution for many months. The resolution focuses on drainage, highway and streetscaping. Flooding in the streets will be taken care of, as well as making ADA compliant sidewalks, bus stops, street trees, walls and lights. The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, as asked by Nimick.

All resolutions were unanimously adopted except for number 17: “Setting a public hearing and referring to the Rockland County Commissions of Planning and the Clarkstown Planning Board the application of Rockland Jewish Community Center Corporation for a special permit for outdoor recreation.” Councilman Frank Borelli abstained.

During the general public comments, Michael Hull of Bardonia addressed Councilman George Hoehmann in regards to missing documents regarding the hiring of Jay Savino and the practices of Amy Mele. He asked if Hoehmann will request Mele to provide all the papers relating to his hiring and provide them to Nimick and himself.

“I have confidence in the town attorney. There is not always a habit of keeping these documents,” said Hoehmann.

Tom Nimick asked about seeing the bid from Savino. He also asked about all the town attorneys’ salary schedules and how they are able to work multiple jobs with other towns and private practices. Gromack said that all the town attorneys in Clarkstown are full time. They have reduced their number from thirteen to seven attorneys by adding additional hours to a few of the attorneys work, thus increasing their salaries. As far as other jobs, it doesn’t concern the town board as long as they are putting in their necessary hours for Clarkstown.

Pat Gottfried of New City asked about the $2.8 million renovations on the community centers.

“In my opinion it is not needed,” said Gottfried. “You’re taking from people who don’t have the money and giving it to your buddies.”

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