Every now and then, we read in the papers or see on TV news that someone was expelled from school or the work force for something that was written on the front or back of a T-shirt they were wearing. I remember reading that one girl got in trouble with her teacher because she wore a shirt that said, “Barbie is a Lesbian.” The Barbie in question was the famous Barbie doll.
For whatever reasons, people today use their T-shirts and tops to advertise all sorts of slogans and messages, not just the names of their favorite team or player.
The Spectator did some research and discovered that since Biblical times, people have worn shirts, togas or animals skins in the past that sent out a clear and loud!
Below are some messages that appeared on shirts, skins, togas or whatever people were wearing. So you see, there’s nothing new under the sun. Take a look!
  • Custer rode sidesaddle
  • Peter Pan swings
  • Firestone gets tired easily
  • Jack Daniels likes his liquor
  • Newton is a Fig
  • Killer Cain
  • Dracula sucks
  • Pinocchio is a dummy
  • Go Fly a Kite, Franklin
  • Don’t trust Judas
  • King Kong is a social climber
  • Lindberg does it solo
  • Dick Tracy is a copout!
  • Go to Hell, Dante
  • Poe is Raven Mad!
  • Beavers give a dam
  • Monit has a yellow streak
  • Edison turns me on!
  • Nathan Puts on the Dog
  • Tony Bennet is heartless
  • Homer is Greek to me
  • King Neptune is all wet!
  • Jack the Ripper is a cut-up
  • Winnie the Pooh bares it all
  • I get a charge from Tom Edison
  • Adam has no belly button
  • Oscar is Wilde!
  • Sinatra is Frank
  • Folgers is a Drip
  • The centaur is a horse’s ass!
  • Milton loves blind dates
  • There’s something fishy about Mr. Paul
  • Planter’s is nuts!
  • Mr. Goodyear is full of air
  • Michelangelo paints by the numbers
  • Ed Day Dreams
  • Houdini Escapes Me
  • Reindeer are Horny
  • Tinkerbell is a Fairy
  • Johnnie Walker’s a Red
  • Brad is for the Pits!
  • A-Rod plays the field
  • Seabiscuit is a Racist
  • Whistler is off his rocker!
  • Revlon is a put on
  • Boar’s Head is full of baloney
  • Batman wears tights
  • Hey Kerouac – hit the road!
  • Jesus Saves – Moses Interests!
  • Sioux Me – Custer!
  • Bill Bailey Come Home
  • Bulova can watch me anytime!
  • Sponge Bob wets his paints
  • Capt. Ahab was a whale of a man!
Well, there you are. i don’t know if any of the wearers were expelled or arrested. Let the buyer beware! No. Let the wearer beware.

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