State Supreme Court Judge Daniel Angiolillo to run for re-election


DAbackhires_8369copy DACardFront2_8243copy2Nanuet – Current 9th District State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Angiollilo announced his re-election campaign during an interview with the Rockland County Times, campaigning for what he hopes will be another successful win in a long history on the bench.

Angiolillo explained he has held his current position for a 14-year term which began in 1999 and served as an Appellate Division judge for the state’s 2nd Judicial Department since 2006, hearing about four to five thousand cases every year. Before this, he was elected as a county court judge in Westchester in 1993, where he served for six years before running for his current position.

As a justice, Angiolillo distinguishes himself from other candidates with both his experience and his support, touting his appointment to the appellate division by former Republican Governor George Pataki in 2006 and the senior bench of the same division by former Democratic Governor David Paterspon in 2010 as an example of his broad appeal.

“I was appointed by a Republican to the Appellate Divison and then by a Democrat to the senior branch,” Angiolillo pointed out.

With Angiolillo’s term nearing its end, the current race will see three justices, including Angiollilo, seeking re-election and two whose positions will otherwise be vacant. In total, there will likely be ten candidates nominated at judicial conventions in September for five open positions.

At this point, Angiolillo’s campaign requires outreach to constituents in Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties, a tall order given campaign regulations limiting his time to meet voters to only nine months.

Angiolillo is currently campaigning in Rockland with visits to locations such as the Ramapo Manor Center, the Suffern Tolstoy Foundation Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Valley Cottage and other community and senior centers. Considering his work overseeing guardianship and Article 81 cases in Westchester prior to his appointment to the Appellate Division, he explained his outreach often touches on guardianship and senior citizens’ issues.

Angiolillo added that he also served on the Statewide Committee on Judicial Ethics where he advised legal workers on ethical conduct and was instrumental in helping to establish and implement Westchester’s Integrative Domestic Violence Court, which has proven so successful that it has expanded to every judicial district and county in New York State.

“I was quite privileged and honored to be selected for that position and to preside over that court,” Angiolillo said.

Angiolillo also served as principal law clerk to an acting Supreme Court justice and assistant district attorney with the Westchester District Attorney’s Office prior to his elections, serves as a law professor at Manhattanville College and has published numerous scholarly articles on matters such as domestic violence and the testimony of children in court.

Though judges are limited in the type of fundraising and activism in which they participate, Angiolillo was also able to expand his community involvement beyond the bench as the president of the Prader-Willi Syndrome, where he helped to educate parents and doctors about the condition.

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