PEARL RIVER, NY July 18, 2013 1 p.m. — O&R has declared a company-wide Storm Watch today in anticipation of a significant thunderstorm event hitting the region Saturday afternoon.

Local weather forecasters at this point are predicting that Saturday a cold front will cross the area, breaking the heat wave but also bringing strong thunderstorm activity. Those storms could be sometimes severe, posing a threat of strong gusty winds, heavy downpours and frequent lightning. The activity is expected to begin sometime after 2 p.m. Saturday.

O&R Emergency Response Operations coordinators have been meeting since yesterday, examining weather forecasts and generally preparing their organizations for activation. A number of first-response organizations within the company have begun ramping up for activation at noon on Saturday.

Increased Company Electric Operations staffing levels for this weekend are under development. A compliment of 39 contractor crews has been retained and 15 O&R contractor tree-trimming crews are booked for weekend work here with more available if needed.

The Energy Control Center, Customer Service, Damage Assessment and Site Safety are among the functions that will be mobilized with more to follow as needed.

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