SPARACO TAPES FALLOUT: Clarkstown Taxpayers Abandon Alliance with Clarkstown Preservation Society

Press Statement from Clarkstown Taxpayers

The Clarkstown Taxpayers has determined it cannot support the Clarkstown Preservation Society’s efforts. This decision is in light of recent events concerning the indisputable actions of political operatives, the blatant conspiratorial behaviors committed to benefit themselves and their willingness to undermine a fair election process.

The decision by the Clarkstown Preservation Society to continue their support for Dennis Malone, candidate for Clarkstown Highway Superintendent, on their line, has made this determination our only option.  When a candidate on a line acts in stark contrast to the platform on which it stands, all credibility is lost. The Clarkstown Taxpayers find the actions of Mr. Malone repugnant and therefore, cannot and will not support him on any lines that would endorse him.

Frank Grandel, president

Amy Durbin, vice president

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