Is Eliot Spitzer too Crazy to Serve?


Eliot SpitzerRepublican political consultant and lobbyist, and the man behind The Stone Zone, Roger Stone is confident that Eliot Spitzer is unfit for any position of political power.

“Eliot Spitzer is a mentally unbalanced megalomaniac with deep psychological problems,” Roger wrote. “His personal conduct over three decades demonstrates that he hasn’t the mental ability, temperament, judgment or integrity to hold public office.”

Stone furthered his argument by informing readers of Spitzer’s lies: Under oath, Spitzer lied about illegally funding his 1994 campaign for Attorney General; he lied about his trip to Washington by claiming that he was going to testify on Capitol Hill while he really went to DC to visit a hooker; he lied about the money spent last week to buy his way onto the ballot; he lied about voting for Obama; his lies even extending into the household when he lied to his wife about seeing call-girls.

Stone’s focus, however, was on Spitzer’s mental state, saying, “[Spitzer] has, as one veteran State Senator who has seen governors come ad governors go told me, ‘a screw loose.’”

He reminded his readers of Spitzer’s threat to Jim Tedisco, a former New York Assembly Minority Leader: “I’m a f*cking steamroller and I will roll over you or anyone who gets in my way.” Spitzer’s actions did not end there. In retaliation to Tedisco’s opposition, he would also cut the funding to a healthcare services program for the poor in Tedisco’s district.

Stone continued to list threats that Spitzer made to Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, former US Ambassador John Whitehead, and AIG’s Hank Greenberg.

“Let’s face it,” Stone concluded. “He’s stone-cold, stark raving mad, but because […] he can use daddy’s personal wealth to […] buy himself a public office this year, many have forgotten just how nuts he is.”

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