Lalor: Cuomo is Wrong, Weiner’s Scandals are a Disgrace, Not “Political Theater”

In response to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statement that Anthony Weiner’s scandals are “political theater,” Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I – Fishkill) issued a statement criticizing the governor for refusing to take a stand.

“Anthony Weiner’s behavior isn’t ‘political theater’ and it’s not something to be laughed off,” said Lalor. “Weiner is a disgrace. It shouldn’t be so difficult for the governor to say Weiner doesn’t belong in public office. But, it’s not a surprise because the governor couldn’t even bring himself to say Sheldon Silver should resign after repeatedly covering up sexual harassment and abuse. It looks like Governor Cuomo just can’t take a stand as a leader. New Yorkers aren’t laughing about Weiner or Silver. Governor Cuomo should stop the jokes and start leading. All of Cuomo’s ‘new’ New York commercials can’t counteract the damage done by Weiner’s candidacy and Silver’s speakership. Businesses don’t want to come to a state where the politicians are an embarrassment.”

When reporters asked Governor Cuomo today if he would call on Weiner to drop out of the mayoral race, the governor responded, “This is summer political theater in New York. We laugh, because if we didn’t laugh, we’d cry.” Cuomo continued, “The way our system works is people have a right to run, you get signatures on the ballot… That’s the system. I’m not going to say who should run and who shouldn’t run because that is the system.” Cuomo used the same excuse in May when asked whether Sheldon Silver should be ousted as Assembly speaker saying, “The Assembly will decide who is the leader of the Assembly. They vote. I don’t vote.”

Lalor continued, “Governor Cuomo is failing as a leader when he hedges and waffles on Silver and Weiner. He is the governor and the leader of the New York State Democratic Party. It’s his responsibility to be involved. He can’t shake off that responsibility. The governor is rumored to have White House aspirations. I’m not sure how he’ll handle the 3:00 A.M. phone calls if he can’t take a real stand on Weiner or Silver.”

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