Thiells United Methodist Church to spend $100,000 to fix and expand Sandy-damaged thrift shop


The Thiells United Methodist Church council vote 13-1 last Tuesday night to repair the Sandy-caused damage and get the church’s thrift shop back in operation. In addition the thrift shop will have its roof raised to create more community and fellowship room and upstairs restrooms for the church’s increasing congregation.Thiells+damage+2_med

The church’s newly appointed pastor Reverend Bernie Kwah announced the results after a two hour meeting of the council, in which detailed plans were shown and approved by the council members. Sandy caused a large tree to fall on the Thrift Shop, denting in the roof and causing extensive damage to the building and its goods. Kwah said he hopes to see the Thrift Shop get back in operation swiftly, as it helps provide a great service to the community and raises monies for the church.

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