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IMG_20130814_125911I have a crazy, sick, sometimes unhealthy obsession with eyebrows. I’m constantly on the lookout for ‘fabulous lighting’ so I can tweeze any strays I might have missed (sad but true, trust me!). I think brows are beautiful and I have admired those who have naturally gorgeous, full-looking, to-die-for brows (insert: Jessica Alba, Megan Fox or Sophia Vergara here). Because of this fixation, I’m always on the hunt for a product that will make my brows appear fuller and more defined, which In turn, naturally shapes the face.

Aside from a great pop of color on the lip, the shape & thickness of your brows can dramatically change your look. I’m a lover of the angled brush & brow powder (read my recent post on 4 Easy Steps to Better Brows here) to achieve a naturally gorgeous eyebrow, but with the busy lives we lead, it’s nearly impossible to always fit this step into a 5 minute beauty routine. So, I’m here to deliver the GOOD NEWS! I have found THE product that can wiggle its way into your morning and / or evening ritual. The It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil ($25.95 USD on has been a game changer for me. For years I thought I was doomed & destined to always have light, barely-there, sporadically placed eyebrows… but boy am I glad that is not the case! You can see here that I’ve demonstrated how well this product works with a before & after shot. I love how the change is subtle, yet there is still a noticeable difference (especially over my left eye – wowzas!). The confidence I feel with beautiful brows is truly unmatched!IMG_20130814_125541

If you have 10 seconds, a steady hand, & the IT Cosmetics Brow Pencil, I guarantee you better looking brows each and every day. Since I’m blonde with blue eyes & fair skin, there is some limitation on how much product I can realistically use within the brow.  For my little nuggets with darker skin tones and different eye and hair coloring than me, you might have the luxury of applying more pressure with the pencil to really fill in those brows! So, get busy & go WILD! The IT Cosmetics Brow Universal Brow Pencil is actually universal – one color fits all, folks! You control the color intensity which is just fabulous in my opinion! This pencil is also mechanical, which means less mess & absolutely zero clean up of any dirty pencil shavings – YAHOO! At the opposite end of the pencil, is an eyebrow brush. This baby allows for better brow blending and shaping. Use this feature after you’ve applied as much product as you desire. The combo of product and a brush all-in-one is the key reason to why a fast, brow booster step is possible to include in your daily beauty regimen.

Hope you have a browtastic Wednesday, my little nuggets!

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