Brega Employees and Family Members Gave Massive Donations to Ilan Schoenberger


Update: Following the Rockland County Times breaking the story, the Rockland Journal News discovered an additional $16,000 in donations from Brega related individuals to Ilan Schoenberger, for a total of $48,000, accounting for close to 50 percent of Schoenberger’s contributions in the January-July reporting period


Brega Transport of Valley Cottage recently won a $70 million contract from the County of Rockland after years of legal battles, which pitted County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef against the County Legislature.

It appears that at least one legislator has been more than amply rewarded for his consistent support of Brega: county executive candidate Ilan Schoenberger (D-Wesley Hills/New Square).

Campaign filing reports show that during the months of April and May, Brega family members and employees, including low-level employees, gave a total of $32,000 to Ilan Schoenberger. All eight employee and family members gave the same $4,000 contribution.

Six of the donations occurred on April 11. Customer service advisor Brandon Sweeting gave $4,000. When asked by the Rockland County Times what inspired the generous donation, he said, “I don’t know if there is such a thing as a necessary inspiration, I am just a big fan of his work and he deserved it.”

Brandon claimed he had no trouble affording the large donation and also said there was no group discussion at Brega regarding the donations. The latter claim seems impossible given that several Brega-associated individuals are listed giving the same amount of money on the exact same day.

Donations came from the following persons sources said are associated with Brega:

(Note-the Rockland County Times is still in the process of confirming the identity of the listed people, however three are featured on Brega’s website and we are confident enough in our sources to publish the list at this time)

Bobbi Ann Shanahan – Customer service advisor –  $4,000 on April 11

Paul Dursi – Parts manager – $4,000 on April 11

John Nunes – Brega’s IT specialist – $4,000 on April 11

Mary Ann Paccione – Mother-in-law of one of the Brega brothers – $4,000 on April 11

Joanne Bay – wife of Brega maintenance manager – $4,000  on April 27

James Boyle – Brega transport manager – $4,000  on April 11

Brandon Sweeting – Customer service advisor – $4,000  on April 11

Francis H. Walker, III  – Service manager – $4,000 on April 27

Link to donation records on NY Board of Elections site:

Michael Hull of New City Patch contributed to this report

3 Responses to "Brega Employees and Family Members Gave Massive Donations to Ilan Schoenberger"

  1. sarah karns   August 24, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    Emily, Peggy yes he is a hack and Schoenberger is the worst thing that could happen to us…check out the NY filings it is true, it’s there! there is a primary and we need to protect ourselves….because the winner will challenge Ed Day, we can’t take a chance with Schoenberger, Fried is running against him. I would take a bet that there are other situations where people gave him contributions and yes, it is a decade of destruction.

    • RUEd   September 5, 2013 at 4:52 pm

      I just wrote a blistering letter to the Journal News about Schoenberger expressing the same sentiments. I am sure it will be doctored by Lohud, you know, not to offend. I am really flabbergasted, as many on the reply chain are, on the politics of Rockland. Schoenberger and his protege St Lawrence are pathetic. And corrupt. But the worst part is they know it and dont care. They are guaranteed 7000 + block votes plus thousands of ignorant voters who will vote Democratic (or in some case Republican)along party lines regardless of the candidate.
      To point, I have a relationship (friendly but limited) with Al Gromack. I saw him at a restaurant and asked him point blank- “how can you endorse Schoenberger? Are you really that political?” He was embarassed, mumbled something, and walked away ashamed. But he has to support the party choice. The parties will move on and pick at the carcass (the taxpayers) until nothing is left.
      Time for a revolution…seriously

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