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1098011_569419773116273_407020907_n (2)Lately, I’ve been sporting my latest beauty best friend – CC Cream. I prefer to refer to it as my ‘un-makeup makeup cream.’ In speaking with women in various areas of my life, from cosmetic industry colleagues, to close friends and relatives, I’ve come to the conclusion that many women in America love coverage but at the same time don’t want to appear like they are wearing any makeup at all. Umm….that’s one tall order! Not that I’m not believer, however, it is a challenge to find a product that can deliver on both coverage & not ‘looking like’ coverage. So, I began the research. Per usual, I scoured the aisles of Sephora, in search of the best CC cream out there. Keeping my sensitive, break out prone skin in mind, I was on the hunt for a cream that was above all else, oil-free, light-weight and for all skin types. I found my two contenders pretty quickly!

I opted to test Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF30 in “light” ($35 USD and available in 8 alternative shades) first. It doesn’t take much product to spread evenly. You just need to squeeze a dime-sized amount in the palm of your hand & then get to spreading! This is uhhh-mazing news for your wallet! Less product per use = longer lasting makeup & less $$. Even better, it provides excellent coverage and doesn’t appear heavy at all. Its light-weight, oil-free formula gives you a surprisingly dewy, luminous glow literally all day long. Infusing SPF30 sun protection against UVA & UVB sunrays, along with intense moisture throughout the day will make your skin smile 🙂 You can say bye, bye to dry, flaky skin that sometimes haunts you when wearing other foundations / powders. I really love that this CC cream acts as both makeup & moisturizer, while helping to correct uneven color and seemingly removes dullness from the skin. You have not seen your face shine and radiate as much as you will when using Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF30. You are giving your skin a gift by using this CC Cream – truly!IMG_20130827_152959 (2)

Onto my 2nd CC Cream for testing… Since I had loved Clinique’s CC Cream so much, internally I felt slightly guilty trying a new brand. I was a bit unsure of how much I would like the Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF20 in “fair” ($26 USD and available in 6 other colors). I’m happy to report that my initial feelings were totally incorrect! I am so crazy IN LOVE with this product and cannot believe that I’m wearing makeup when I have it on. The Sephora CC Cream is the ultimate ‘un-makeup makeup’ in my mind…here’s why:

It’s oil-free – check!
It’s light-weight – check!
It has SPF protection – check!
Perfect color match – check!
Full coverage – check!
Non-greasy – check!
Corrects uneven skin tone – check!Complete hydration / moisture – check!
Long lasting – check!
And the list could go on and on… But I’ll stop now.

The Sephora CC Cream can be worn as your makeup or as a primer for your foundation. Maybe you want to use just the cream for a more casual day out running errands or grabbing coffee with friends and as your primer under additional foundation for those nights gallivanting ‘round town! Regardless of how you wear it, you’ll be quite pleased. My favorite part about this CC cream is that it dries quickly without making you look like you’ve lost moisture, which in turn allows for better application of your bronzers, blushes, highlighters etc. Another great feature about this cream is that your pores instantly disappear! Makeup artists use primers and pore minimizers underneath foundation all the time to give you that flawless, perfect complexion – exactly what you see in magazines, only without Photoshop! I love, love, love my Sephora CC Cream and pray that my friends at Sephora never, ever discontinue this product – I truly don’t know what I’ll do! As you all know, it’s hard work looking for a “foundation” you can’t live without!

CC ya later, my little nuggets!

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