Aaron Klein: Turkey Behind Syria Gas Attack

Rising star journalist is rarely wrong

163345_598839803464692_499197406_nWhat should we believe about the recent gas attack that has killed hundreds of civilians in Syria and threatens to get the United States entangled in a new conflict? Most leaders of the Western world have announced they believe President Assad of Syria is behind the assault, while other sources such as the Russians and even journalists from some Western media outlets have cast doubt on these claims.

Considering that if the Syria conflagration expands, what’s remaining of stability in the Middle East could easily head toward all out war and chaos, it would behoove us to be sure we know what really happened.

Enter Aaron Klein, star Israeli journalist featured by World Net Daily, and a man who is considered an expert on the culture of Middle East politics and terrorists. Klein has gone way out on a limb a few times and has been right each time. For example, CNN’s alleged groundbreaking scoop earlier this month that the Benghazi “embassy” was actually a CIA depot used to funnel weapons to insurgents, was a story that Klein broke 10 months earlier.

In the case of the Syria gas attack, Klein’s intel is that the event was staged by Turkey as a provocation to further engage Western powers in a Middle East war and to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in doing so. While one man’s opinion is just that, Klein did point out that Assad strategically had little to gain by gassing civilians or even insurgents, since he’d been winning his campaign in Syria, and getting Western powers further involved in the conflict would not be to his advantage.

Klein, a hard-right wing Israeli, is not one to normally stick up for Assad, either. On his Sunday night WABC 770 AM radio program, Klein often lashes out at Assad as well as his allies in Iran.

The Rockland County Times will be interviewing Klein for an upcoming issue. Klein also has promised to interview editor-in-chief and Stony Point supervisor candidate Dylan Skriloff for an upcoming Sunday night edition of his WABC radio show.

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