Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom

The population in Rockland County, according to, is 311,687 with 51% married and 49% single.

32% of the single population have never been married. With that said, the social life/ dating life in Rockland County is one of interest to me for two reasons; 1) I am part of that population and 2) I write a dating/relationship blog that has over 400 subscribers from all over the globe, where I give advice, people can ask me relationship questions and I share insights on relationships.

There are MANY single Rocklanders who have now turned to online dating because the simple reason is that everyone expects quick results instead of trying to meet people in person at a bar, a coffee shop/diner, the mall, the bookstore, or through friends. But I uncovered some dangers about online dating that most Rocklanders don’t know:

1 out of every 10 users are scammers and 1 out of 10 are pedophiles, or some other kind of sex offender, your odds are 20% of running into some serious trouble right off the bat. Some stats even show that 1 out of 10 pretty much quit right away, so the percentage of useless profiles are now up to 30%. Now to mention that 40% of men on this site are married., which leaves single women down to 30% of profiles in play.

Why should women who are just trying to find love, have to deal with putting themselves in harms way because the FDA and the FTC refuse to do what they are supposed to do in keeping people safe? And why are these dating sites allowed to operate when they know full well the dangers they are allowing by not being forced to run back ground checks?

But to be quite honest, it is not that easy to meet singles in Rockland since we don’t have a designed dating destination or hang out as New York City does. Yes, Nyack has tons of bars as does Pearl River, but seriously, can’t we meet people without the help of liquor?

This is where I come in!

If you have any dating or relationship questions or hangovers about Rockland County or If you are a business and you have any events for “singles” only, let your voice be heard!

You can email me at

Rockland has been a growing and thriving diverse community and we should evolve all aspects of life in Rockland County, with The Single Life being one of them.

Question of the week: If you are single in Rockland, where do you like to go to meet other singles?

Share your meeting and greeting ideas with me at:

Stephanie Dolce is a lifelong Rockland County Resident.
Her new dating advice book, “Hello Love, Where’s Cupid?” will be released this Fall.
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