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This product requires no introduction. So, instead of giving an entire background on how I how came across this little nuggety gem… I’m going to be quite direct with all of you – you NEED this product & you WANT this product as part of your beauty routine (that is, if you love having the perfect complexion alongside any foundation you choose, of course). And as you all know (and what I constantly preach – great makeup starts with great skin / the canvas beneath the gunk!) Benefit the POREfessional Pro Balm ($30 USD) is the secret behind a makeup artist’s creation and after product testing it for weeks, I now understand why.528 (2)

There are several reasons as to why I’m in love with this product – most notably, the choices you’re given on usage. You can apply…

A) Underneath makeup: Cleanse & moisturize, then apply a dime-sized amount to skin. Focus on problem areas (where pores appear largest) and blend in with fingertips

B) Over / On top of makeup: Lightly pat on a dime-sized amount over your makeup

I prefer option A, however, it’s really up to you & which method makes you feel most comfortable.

This product is so incredibly silky & light-weight (not to mention, oil-free…woo!) that you barely notice it’s even on. I actually had to run my fingers all over my face to ensure I covered all corners. After you let the balm dry for a minute or two and apply foundation – that’s when the REAL minimizing magic happens! POOF! and your pores are instantly minimized! You actually see the difference in pore size and how your makeup looks, feels & lays on the skin. I encourage my little nuggets to take a photo of your makeup done without the Benefit the POREfessional Pro Balm and another photo with the balm used, so that you can truly compare the difference. You will be amazed how one little product can actually give you a flawless, magazine photo shoot-style complexion. It’s THAT good my loves. Also, please be sure to click on the link above which takes you directly to the Sephora website to purchase this product. While you’re on the site, take a closer look at the consumer reviews, as it will give you even more perspective – basically, it’s a cult favorite!

533 (2)One more thing I wanted to add (and something that was often asked by family & friends while product testing) before you decide to run and purchase this product… my pores did NOT clog after multiple uses. As you know, my skin is prone to breakouts and this is something I originally was concerned about, however, since it’s oil-free and non-greasy, my skin did not react negatively to it at all.

Hope you love this product as much as I do <3 Happy shopping! xo

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