Mozart Brought To The Stage At Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack

By George J. Dacre

With some very good acting, great costuming and wonderful insertion of the immortal music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Elmwood Players, in their 67th season, take on the tragic story of the giggling genius who dealt with adversity and jealous contemporaries to become one of the most revered compsoers of all time. Alison Costello directs this extraordinary production which features outstanding performances by the cast led by Andrew Leonetti as Antonio Salieri, Mozarts most ardent detractor, in the rule of Emporer Joseph II of Austria (Derek Tarson) and Tom Mazzarella as Amadeus and Emma Ruck as Constance Weber, Mozarts fiancee. The actionof “Amadeus” takes place in Vienna, Austria in November of 1823 and, in recall, the decade of 1781 to 1791. Mozart is ridiculed by Salieri who pretends to be his friend and schemes against the composer who is friendly to all and Salieri tries to seduce Mozarts fiancee with promises that he will aid Mozart in getting the Emporers approval of his music. Andrew Leonetti , as Salieri, puts on a must see performance as does Tom, Mazzarella as Mozart and the interaction between the two actors makes “Amadeus” a first rate production in area community theatre.Stavros Adamides and Rick Apicella as Venticello #1 and #2 add much to the presentation as does Stacey Cretekos as Salieris wife Teresa. Andre Herzegovitch . Arthur Chill. Rick Levi and ted Tarson Ted Tarson playing members of the Emperors court round out the cast. Costellos direction is great(she had to through work through the sound and turmoil of the new construction of the theater’s lobby in rehearsals), and ” turns out “Amadeus”to be a work of art at Elmwood. I rate it Three Out Of Four Stars Kudos to Claudia Stefany for Costume Design, Tim Reid For Scenic Design, Mike Gnazzo, Lighting Design, Larry Wilbur, Sound Design, Technical Director Crawford Devo,Production Stage Manager, Morgan Mahoney and producers Debbi. Fleckenstain and Nancy Logan. Catch “Amadeus” at Elmwood through October 12.

Tickets at or 845-353-1313.

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