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IMG_20130922_215906 (2)Dreams CAN become reality. Yes, I believe in this wholeheartedly. HOWEVER, this concept & way of thinking was proven even further yesterday afternoon. As most of you little nuggets know, I was lucky enough to be personally introduced to Laura Geller (yes, THE Laura Geller!) via special family friends. I could barely sleep the night before and kept talking about it to anyone that would listen (so really, my mother and fiancé – thanks you two!). But it’s not every day that you get a chance to stand in the middle of a makeup studio with the gal that actually created & developed the brand that bears her name. My own vision is similar to Laura’s Upper East Side makeup studio – Stock piled product lining the walls, gorgeous blushes and eye shadow palettes along the beauty bar, and to-die-for lip shades waiting to be worn. Not to mention, the gorgeous Geller Gals providing amazing customer service to all while roaming the floor.IMG_20130922_214751 (2)

Yesterday was part of Laura’s “Fall Into Beauty” Event at her makeup studio where she was showcasing the brand NEW launch of the new Baked Elements Foundation, along with the rest of her latest / ‘What’s Hot’ products. She had makeup artists set up & working their makeover magic right in front of you. Her products truly speak for themselves and it was clear when these women were leaving the chair with smiles on their faces and a brand new beautiful look. Isn’t there just something about being part of making a person’s day just a little bit brighter – ahhh… love that feeling! Well, my crew and I couldn’t resist buying products of our own while there. My mother and her friend loved Laura’s Blush-n-Brighten in “Down To Earth” ($31 USD) and I opted for her Dream Team Duo Kit ($25 USD) which includes a Blush-n-Brighten Baked Cheek Color in “Raspberry” and a Dream Creams Lip Palette in “Raspberry” with an ever-so-convenient retractable lip brush. Not to worry – this product review will be in shortly! I’ve already started using the lip palette… and it’s ohh so la, la lovely! 🙂

IMG_20130922_215712 (2)So, as to not let the precious time I had with Laura go to waste… I got to asking questions. Naturally, how did you start in the beauty biz and do you enjoy traveling (she’s everywhere people!) were my top two questions. I was thrilled, excited and blown away to learn that she started her beauty career at Capri Cosmetology Learning Center (ehh hem… the SAME SCHOOL that I am currently enrolled in for Esthetics & Makeup)!! OK, OK.. I will calm down. But it gets even better. She grew up in the same County I grew up in and currently reside. And to top it off, she attended the same exact high school as my mother. She’s been an artist in many aspects of makeup – theatrical / stage, fashion and bridal makeup (this is what I’d really love to do!) and most recently, selling her products via QVC and other retail channels like Ulta. I loved her before meeting her, and I love her even more now! I can’t express to you little nuggets enough about how warm, friendly, outgoing, personable and overall, kind, Laura Geller is. You can visibly see she absolutely, positively, LOVES what she does.IMG_20130921_142828 (2)

And Laura made her dreams into reality. She didn’t just daydream about her own brand, she created it. She didn’t just talk the talk…She walked the walk. Bottom line…It’s really real. And that’s the biggest inspiration to me. She doesn’t know it, but she is definitely one of my role models. A business woman who has stayed true to her roots and treats others as if she’s known them for years is a beautiful thing! I hope to one day be standing in my own makeup studio, like Laura Geller, surrounded by products that bear my name.

Cheers to BIG DREAMS & turning them into a REALITY! xo

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