He’s Mad as Hell and he’s not gonna take Poop Anymore

photoThe owner of this home at 65 Central Highway in Garnerville has about had it with locals allowing dogs to poop on his front patch of lawn and not cleaning it up. He has decided not to take the issue lying down, posting this sign in an effort to ward off would-be violators. It reads, “If your dog takes a dump on my lawn again, clean it up.”

The road is a popular place for Garnerville and Stony Point residents to walk their dog or take a stroll. Stony Pointer Danielle D’Andrea was pushing a baby in a carriage when she came across the sign. She said, “I laughed…You know, I would put up a sign but use different words. We all have our different ways of putting things. When you say something a second or third time, it can come out blunt.”

Asked if she thought the message would get through to dog walkers, she said, “For some yes. For some no.”

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