Accidental Truth!

thomasLead Benghazi investigator for the State Department Thomas Pickering may have accidentally let the truth out in hearings last week.

When asked if there was any possible involvement in the attack on the US outpost by Egyptian groups, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, Pickering said, ““Our report indicates that one Egyptian organization which is named in the report was possibly involved. And I am not sure, I think that that’s in the unclassified. I hope it is.”

Well, according to the intrepid Aaron Klein, there was no such unclassified date released. Klein, who has over the course of the past year been six to eight months ahead of the mainstream news on the story, asked, “Why is this not on the front page of the NY Times?”

Pickering’s earlier report had cleared then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of error in the Benghazi attack. The United States at first described Benghazi as an embassy or consulate, however, in recent months it has been reported by CNN and others that it was more like an outpost for arms shipments. Klein first reported 10 months ago it was likely that the Benghazi outpost was a hub for the shipping of arms to other areas in the Middle East.

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