I am glad to see you doing well in battle, the Stony Point Battlefield! We need real men such as yourself, with commonsense, in positions of leadership, meaning handling our tax dollars properly. This is currently not being done in Stony Point or much of Rockland County.

I believe you have a secret weapon that others dont have and it goes all the way back to the forefathers. Has anyone asked themselves what is missing from today’s so called political leaders? Two things that amount to the third. Honor and dignity equals integrity, that’s what’s missing and I don’t see anyone realizing this.

To me integrity is not only being a man of your word, which you are, but good moral conscience and proper use of one’s honorable dignified name, but also, I think integrity means “a person’s eagerness to display their honesty.”

In my book, you possess these valuable elements, which are sorely lacking in government, sorely lacking in society, and sorely lacking in local politics….like Stony Point. If people only realized the power they possess as taxpayers, and that all they have to do is wake up and stand up and speak up and they will be heard by their vote and thier spending power, things would change for the better very quickly.

We the people need right, proper and honest leadership in government and business and you, Dylan, have been on that truth-seeking and telling road for as long as I can remember. I commend you on all your hard work and I appreciate your newspaper being the beacon of good, sound truthful writing and reporting that it has been for all the years it has been in existence. I am an avid reader and supporter and always will be.

Thank you for your service, we are honored by your perseverance and forthright attitudes and outlooks.


Ernest Autumn van den Heuvel
Former Stony Point resident, lifetime Rockland resident

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